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Gone with the Wind

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An American classic in which a manipulative woman and a roguish man carry on a turbulent love affair in the American south during the Civil War and Reconstruction.

Title : Gone with the Wind

Year : 1939

Runtime : 238

Release Dates: 1939-12-15


Actors :

Vivien LeighasScarlett O'Hara
Clark GableasRhett Butler
Olivia de HavillandasMelanie Hamilton
Thomas MitchellasGerald O'Hara
Leslie HowardasAshley Wilkes
Barbara O'NeilasEllen O'Hara
Evelyn KeyesasSuellen O'Hara
Ann RutherfordasCarreen O'Hara
George ReevesasStuart Tarleton
Fred CraneasBrent Tarleton
Hattie McDanielasMammy
Oscar PolkasPork
Butterfly McQueenasPrissy
Marcella MartinasCathleen Calvert
Harry DavenportasDr. Meade
Leona RobertsasMrs. Meade
Cammie KingasBonnie Blue Butler
Eric LindenasAmputation Case
J. M. KerriganasJohnny Gallagher
Ward BondasTom - Yankee Captain
Jackie MoranasPhil Meade
Cliff EdwardsasReminiscent Soldier
Lillian Kemble-CooperasBonnie's Nurse in London
Yakima CanuttasRenegade
Louis Jean HeydtasHungry Soldier Holding Beau Wilkes
Mickey KuhnasBeau Wilkes
Olin HowlandasA Carpetbagger Businessman
Irving BaconasCorporal
Robert ElliottasYankee Major
William BakewellasMounted Officer
Mary AndersonasMaybelle Merriwether
Ona MunsonasBelle Watling
Jane DarwellasMrs. Merriwether
Isabel JewellasEmmy Slattery
Paul HurstasYankee Deserter
Eddie 'Rochester' AndersonasUncle Peter - Her Coachman (as Eddie Anderson)
Laura Hope CrewsasAunt 'Pittypat' Hamilton
Carroll NyeasFrank Kennedy - Guest
Rand BrooksasCharles Hamilton - Her Brother
Alicia RhettasIndia - His Daughter
Howard C. HickmanasJohn Wilkes (as Howard Hickman)
Everett BrownasBig Sam - Field Foreman
Victor JoryasJonas Wilkerson - Field Overseer
John AlbrightasWounded Soldier
Eric AldenasRafe Calvert
John ArledgeasDying Soldier
Roscoe AtesasConvalescent Soldier
Trevor BardetteasMinor Role
Lennie BluettasYankee Soldier in Shantytown / Townsperson
Ralph BrooksasGentleman at Twelve Oaks Barbecue
Daisy BuffordasHousemaid at Evening Prayers
Ann BuppasMinor Role
James BushasGentleman
Ruth ByersasHousemaid at Evening Prayers
Gary CarlsonasBeau Wilkes
Horace B. CarpenterasAtlanta Citizen
Louise CarterasBandleader's Wife
Shirley ChambersasBelle's Girl
Eddy ChandlerasSergeant at Hospital
Wallis ClarkasPoker-Playing Captain
Richard ClucasasMinor Role
Frank Coghlan Jr.asCollapsing Soldier
Billy CookasBoy with Tears When Death Rolls Are Read
Gino CorradoasMinor Role
Martina CortinaasHousemaid at Twelve Oaks
Luke CosgraveasBandleader
Kernan CrippsasYankee Soldier in Shantytown
Patrick CurtisasMelanie's Baby
Yola d'AvrilasBelle's Girl
Ned DavenportasJewel Collector at Bazaar
Lester DorrasMinor Role
Phyllis DouglasasBonnie Blue Butler - Age 2
Joan DrakeasHospital Nurse
F. DriverasHousemaid at Evening Prayers
Edythe ElliottasGeneral's Wife
Susan FalligantasMinor Role
Richard FarnsworthasSoldier
Frank FaylenasSoldier Aiding Dr. Meade
Kelly GriffinasBonnie Blue Butler as Newborn
George HackathorneasWounded Soldier in Pain
Chuck HamiltonasYankee Soldier in Shantytown
Evelyn HardingasCancan Girl
Inez HatchettasHousemaid at Twelve Oaks
Jean HekerasHospital Nurse
Ricky HoltasMelanie's Son
Shep HoughtonasSouthern Dandy
Jerry JamesasDancer - Atlanta Bazaar
Si JenksasYankee on Street
Tommy KellyasBoy in Band
Emmett KingasParty Guest
W. KirbyasYankee Soldier in Shantytown
Timothy J. LonerganasParty Guest
Margaret MannasWoman Writing Letter at Atlanta Church Hospital
William McClainasOld Levi
George MeekerasPoker-Playing Captain
Charles MiddletonasMan with Stove Pipe Hat in Charge of Convict Workers
Alberto MorinasRene Picard
Adrian MorrisasCarpetbagger Orator
Lee MurrayasDrummerboy
H. NellmanasYankee Soldier in Shantytown
David NewellasCade Calvert
Naomi PharrasHousemaid at Evening Prayers
Lee PhelpsasBartender
Spencer QuinnasExtra
Jolane ReynoldsasCancan Girl
Marjorie ReynoldsasGuest at Twelve Oaks
Suzanne RidgewayasCancan Girl
Louisa RobertasMinor Role
Azarene RogersasHousemaid at Twelve Oaks
Scott SeatonasGuest at Birthday Party
Tom SeidelasTony Fontaine
Terry SheroasFanny Elsing
William StackasMinister
William StellingasReturning Veteran
Harry StrangasTom's Aide
Dirk Wayne SummersasYoungest Boy in Band
Emerson TreacyasMinor Role
Phillip TrentasGentleman / Bearded Confederate on Steps of Tara
Julia Ann TuckasBonnie at Six Months
Tom TylerasCommanding Officer During Evacuation
Dale Van SickelasGentleman at Twelve Oaks Barbecue
E. Alyn WarrenasFrank Kennedy's Clerk
Blue WashingtonasRenegade's Companion
Rita WaterhouseasGirl in Blue Dress
John Joseph Waterman Jr.asNew Born Baby Boy
Dan WhiteasUndetermined Minor Role
Sarah WhitleyasHousemaid at Twelve Oaks
Ernest WhitmanasCarpetbagger's Friend
Guy WilkersonasWounded Card Player
Zack WilliamsasElijah
John WrayasPrison Gang Overseer

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