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Moulin Rouge!

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A celebration of love and creative inspiration takes place in the infamous, gaudy and glamorous Parisian nightclub, at the cusp of the 20th century. A young poet, who is plunged into the heady world of Moulin Rouge, begins a passionate affair with the club's most notorious and beautiful star.

Title : Moulin Rouge!

Year : 2001

Runtime : 127

Release Dates: 2001-05-16


Actors :

Nicole KidmanasSatine
Ewan McGregorasChristian
John LeguizamoasToulouse-Lautrec
Jim BroadbentasThe Unconscious Argentinean
Richard RoxburghasThe Duke
Garry McDonaldasThe Doctor
Jacek KomanasThe Unconscious Argentinean
Matthew WhittetasSatie
Kerry WalkerasMarie
Caroline O'ConnorasNini Legs in the Air
Christine AnuasArabia
Natalie MendozaasChina Doll
Lara MulcahyasMôme Fromage
David WenhamasAudrey
Kylie MinogueasThe Green Fairy
Ozzy OsbourneasVoice of the Green Fairy
Deobia OpareiasLe Chocolat
Linal HaftasWarner
Keith RobinsonasLe Petomane
Peter WhitfordasStage Manager
Norman KayeasSatine's Doctor
Arthur DignamasChristian's Father
Carole SkinnerasLandlady
Jonathan HardyasMan in the Moon
Plácido DomingoasVoice of Man in the Moon (as Placido Domingo)
Kiruna StamellasLa Petite Princesse
Anthony YoungasOrchestra Member
Dee DonavanasCharacter Rake
Johnny LockwoodasCharacter Rake
Don ReidasCharacter Rake
Tara MoriceasProstitute
Daniel ScottasAbsinthe Drinker / Guitarist
Veronica BeattieasMontmartre Dance Team
Lisa CallinghamasMontmartre Dance Team
Rosetta CookasMontmartre Dance Team
Fleur DennyasMontmartre Dance Team
Kelly GrauerasMontmartre Dance Team
Jaclyn HansonasMontmartre Dance Team
Michelle HopperasMontmartre Dance Team
Fallon KingasMontmartre Dance Team
Wendy McMahonasMontmartre Dance Team
Tracie MorleyasMontmartre Dance Team
Sue-Ellen ShookasMontmartre Dance Team
Jenny WilsonasMontmartre Dance Team
Luke AllevaasMontmartre Dance Team
Andrew AroustianasMontmartre Dance Team
Stephen ColyerasMontmartre Dance Team
Steve GraceasMontmartre Dance Team (as Steven Grace)
Mark HodgeasMontmartre Dance Team
Cameron MitchellasMontmartre Dance Team
Deon NukuasMontmartre Dance Team
Shaun ParkerasMontmartre Dance Team
Troy PhillipsasMontmartre Dance Team
Rodney SyaranamualasMontmartre Dance Team
Ashley WallenasMontmartre Dance Team
Nathan WrightasMontmartre Dance Team
Susan BlackasParis Dance Team
Nicole BrooksasParis Dance Team
Danielle BrownasParis Dance Team
Anastacia FlewinasParis Dance Team
Fiona GageasParis Dance Team
Alex HarringtonasParis Dance Team
Camilla JakimowiczasParis Dance Team
Rochelle JonesasParis Dance Team
Caroline KasparasParis Dance Team
Mandy LiddellasParis Dance Team
Melanie MackayasParis Dance Team
Elise MannasParis Dance Team
Charmaine MartinasParis Dance Team
Michelle WrigglesasParis Dance Team
Michael BoydasParis Dance Team
Lorry D'ErcoleasParis Dance Team
Michael EdgeasParis Dance Team
Glyn GrayasParis Dance Team
Craig HainesasParis Dance Team
Stephen HolfordasParis Dance Team
Jamie JewellasParis Dance Team
Jason KingasParis Dance Team
Ryan MalesasParis Dance Team
Harlin MartinasParis Dance Team
Andrew MicallefasParis Dance Team
Jonathan SchmölzerasParis Dance Team
Bradley SpargoasParis Dance Team
Joseph 'Pepe' AshtonasTabasco Brother
Jordan AshtonasTabasco Brother
Marcos FalaganasTabasco Brother
Mitchel FalaganasTabasco Brother
Chris MayhewasTabasco Brother
Hamish McCannasTabasco Brother
Adrien JanssenasTabasco Brother
Shaun HollowayasTabasco Brother
Darren DowlutasCocoliscious Brother
Dennis DowlutasCocoliscious Brother
Pina ContiasLa Ko Ka Chau
Nandy McCleanasTwin
Maya McCleanasTwin
Patrick Harding-IrmerasWaiter
Albin PahernikasWaiter
Aurel VerneasWaiter
Kip GamblinasLatin Dancer

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