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Casablanca is a classic and one of the most revered films of all time. Starring Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman in a love triangle in the city of Casablanca which is a refuge for many fleeing foreigners looking for a new life during the war. Political romance with a backdrop of war conflict between democracy and totalitarianism. A landmark in film history.

Title : Casablanca

Year : 1942

Runtime : 102

Release Dates: 1942-11-26


Actors :

Humphrey BogartasRick Blaine
Ingrid BergmanasIlsa Lund
Paul HenreidasVictor Laszlo
Claude RainsasCapt. Renault
Conrad VeidtasMaj. Strasser
Sydney GreenstreetasSignor Ferrari
Peter LorreasUgarte
Madeleine LebeauasYvonne
Dooley WilsonasSam
Joy PageasAnnina Brandel
John QualenasBerger
Leonid KinskeyasSascha
Curt BoisasPickpocket
Marcel DalioasEmil
Helmut DantineasJan Brandel
Hans Heinrich von TwardowskiasGerman officer with Yvonne
S.Z. SakallasCarl
Norma VardenasWife of Pickpocketed Englishman (uncredited)
Gino CorradoasWaiter at Rick's (uncredited)
Enrique AcostaasGuest at Rick's (uncredited)
Ed AgrestiasBar Patron (uncredited)
Louis V. ArcoasRefugee at Rick's (uncredited)
Frank ArnoldasOverseer (uncredited)
Leon BelascoasDealer at Rick's (uncredited)
Nino BelliniasGendarme (uncredited)
Oliver BlakeasWaiter at the Blue Parrot (uncredited)
Monte BlueasAmerican (uncredited)
Eugene BordenasPoliceman (uncredited)
Dick BotillerasNative Officer (uncredited)
Maurice BrierreasBaccarat Dealer at Rick's (uncredited)
Sebastian CabotasBearded man in street watching plane in flight to Lisbon. (uncredited)
Anita CamargoasWoman Companion (uncredited)
George M. CarletonasAmerican (uncredited)
Spencer ChanasGuest at Rick's (uncredited)
Melie ChangasOriental at Rick's (uncredited)
Franco CorsaroasFrench Police Officer (uncredited)
Adrienne D'AmbricourtasConcierge (uncredited)
Jean De BriacasOrderly (uncredited)
George DeeasLt. Casselle (uncredited)
Jean Del ValasPolice Officer (uncredited)
Carl DeloroasArab Guest with Fez (uncredited)
Joseph DeVillardasMoroccan (uncredited)
Arthur DulacasNews Vendor (uncredited)
William EdmundsasSecond Contact Man at Rick's (uncredited)
Herbert EvansasEnglishman Questioning Casino's Honesty (uncredited)
Fred FarrellasSinging Frenchman (uncredited)
Adolph FaylauerasGambler at Rick's (uncredited)
O.K. FordasConspirator (uncredited)
Martin GarralagaasHeadwaiter at Rick's (uncredited)
Gregory GayeasGerman Banker Refused by Rick (uncredited)
Gregory GolubeffasCashier at Rick's (uncredited)
Ilka GrüningasMrs. Leuchtag - Carl's Immigrating Friend (uncredited)
Creighton HaleasCustomer (uncredited)
Winifred HarrisasEnglishwoman (uncredited)
Jamiel HassonasMuezzini (uncredited)
Arthur Stuart HullasElderly Admirer (uncredited)
Olaf HyttenasPickpocketed Prosperous Man (uncredited)
Paul IrvingasProsperous Tourist (uncredited)
Charles La TorreasItalian Officer Tonnelli (uncredited)
George J. LewisasHaggling Arab Monkey Seller (uncredited)
Manuel LopezasPoliceman (uncredited)
Jacques LoryasMoor Buying Diamonds (uncredited)
Lou MarcelleasNarrator (voice) (uncredited)
Michael MarkasVendor (uncredited)
Tony MartelliasBartender (uncredited)
George MeekerasRick's Friend (uncredited)
Lal Chand MehraasPoliceman (uncredited)
Hercules MendezasArab Guest with Fez (uncredited)
Louis MercierasConspirator (uncredited)
Torben MeyerasDutch Banker at Cafe Table (uncredited)
Alberto MorinasFrench Officer Insulting Yvonne (uncredited)
Leo MostovoyasFydor (uncredited)
Corinna MuraasSinger with Guitar (uncredited)
Barry NortonasGambler at Rick's (uncredited)
Lotte Palfi AndorasWoman Selling Her Diamonds (uncredited)
Paul PanzerasPaul - Waiter at Rick's (uncredited)
Manuel ParísasGuest at Rick's (uncredited)
Alexander PollardasCroupier (uncredited)
Frank PugliaasArab Vendor (uncredited)
Georges RenaventasConspirator (uncredited)
Dewey RobinsonasBouncer at Rick's (uncredited)
Richard RyenasCol. Heinz - Strasser's Aide (uncredited)
Dan SeymourasAbdul (uncredited)
Lester SharpeasRefugee (uncredited)
Dina SmirnovaasWoman Customer (uncredited)
Gerald Oliver SmithasPickpocketed Englishman (uncredited)
George SorelasNative Officer (uncredited)
Geoffrey SteeleasCustomer (uncredited)
Ludwig StösselasMr. Leuchtag (uncredited)
Mike TellegenasGambler (uncredited)
Rafael TrujilloasMan Turning Propeller at Airport (uncredited)
Jacques VanaireasFrenchman (uncredited)
Ellinor VanderveerasWoman Gambler at Rick's Next to Croupier (uncredited)
Ellinor VanderveerasEmile - Waiter (uncredited)
Jack WiseasWaiter (uncredited)
Wolfgang ZilzerasMan with Expired Papers (uncredited)
Trude BerlinerasBaccarat Player at Rick's (uncredited)
Paul PorcasiasNative Introducing Ferrari (uncredited)

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