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Bond is in Miami on holiday when M tells him to observe Auric Goldfinger. Bond steals Goldfinger's girlfriend, Jill Masterson, but after being knocked out, he awakes to find her dead and covered in gold paint. Upon returning to London, Bond is told to further investigate Goldfinger who is believed to be smuggling gold out of Britain, but warned he will be replaced if he turns the mission into a personal vendetta. After failing to befriend Goldfinger, Bond is caught spying and taken to America as a captive. Bond learns of Goldfinger's plan, codenamed Operation Grand Slam, which involves attacking Fort Knox to increase his gold riches. Can 007 find a way to stop Goldfinger despite being held prisoner? This is the third film from the legendary James Bond series starring Sean Connery as the British super agent.

Title : Goldfinger

Year : 1964

Runtime : 110

Release Dates: 1964-09-17


Actors :

Sean ConneryasJames Bond
Honor BlackmanasPussy Galore
Gert FröbeasAuric Goldfinger
Shirley EatonasJill Masterson
Tania MalletasTilly Masterson
Harold SakataasOddjob
Bernard LeeasM
Martin BensonasMartin Solo
Cec LinderasFelix Leiter
Austin WillisasSimmons
Lois MaxwellasMiss Moneypenny
Desmond LlewelynasQ
Burt KwoukasMr. Ling
Nadja ReginasBonita
Margaret NolanasDink

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