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An epic mosaic of many interrelated characters in search of happiness, forgiveness, and meaning in the San Fernando Valley.

Title : Magnolia

Year : 1999

Runtime : 188

Release Dates: 1999-12-08


Actors :

Julianne MooreasLinda Partridge
William H. MacyasDonnie Smith
John C. ReillyasJim Kurring
Tom CruiseasFrank T.J. Mackey
Philip Baker HallasJimmy Gator
Philip Seymour HoffmanasPhil Parma
Jason RobardsasEarl Partridge
Alfred MolinaasSolomon Solomon
Melora WaltersasClaudia Wilson Gator
Michael BowenasRick Spector
Jeremy BlackmanasStanley Spector
Emmanuel JohnsonasDixon
Melinda DillonasRose Gator
April GraceasGwenovier
Felicity HuffmanasCynthia
Orlando JonesasWorm
Ricky JayasNarrator/Burt Ramsey
Patton OswaltasDelmer Darion
Neil FlynnasStanley Berry
Henry GibsonasThurston Howell
Miriam MargolyesasFaye Barringer

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